The Elling Philosophy.

The motor yacht Elling was developed by Neptune Marine Shipbuilding (a succesful semi custom built yacht builder), from a list of over 200 concept demands. The idea behind it was to develop a pleasure boat that could cover allmost all the demands of even the most experienced watersportsmen. This, together with the yards experience to adapt to special customer whishes, would lead to one of the most popular boats in the world. Neptune Marine Shipbuilding could concentrate on optimizing the production method and the quality of this specific model.

This philosophy appeared to be right. Already after a few years of production, the demand for Elling motor yachts grew bigger than the demand for Neptune Marine's conventional product line. Therefore two years ago, Neptune Marine shipbuilding has decided to concentrate only on the elling Motor yachts, resulting in one of the most sophisticated and dedicated production lines in its class.